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Award-winning film The Strange Death of Harry Stanley to be launched online at Hackney Picturehouse, London, Tuesday 19 March

18 March 2013

18 March 2013

The Strange Death of Harry Stanley is a multiple-award-winning short film written and directed by Jeremiah Quinn, which will be freely available to view online from Tuesday 19 March.

A screening will take place at the Hackney Picturehouse Screen 2 at 8pm on Tuesday 19 March to mark the occasion of putting it online. This event is free.

The cast and crew of the film will attend the screening. Harry’s widow Irene Stanley, Terry Stewart of Justice for Harry Stanley and members of the organisation INQUEST who campaigned for Harry Stanley will also be present. Space has been provided in the upstairs bar at Hackney Picturehouse next to Screen 1 from 7.30pm and all are welcome in this space both before and after the screening.

On 22 September 1999, Harry Stanley, 46, walked into a Hackney pub with a table leg he had taken to his brother’s house to repair. The people in the pub thought the table leg was a sawn-off shotgun, rang the police who came and shot Harry in the back. The two policemen were acquitted and claimed that Harry had turned and raised the table leg as if to take aim at them.

Writer director Jeremiah Quinn says:

“I always felt sorry for Harry. It was all amazingly unlucky. I wanted to capture the tragedy and loss of that day, but also like so many people I was enraged at how the police got away with it. As Harry seemed to slip away into obscurity, I decided to write his story, and tell it as a film.”

Helen Shaw of INQUEST said:

“This film really brings home the humanity of Harry and the fact he was a loved member of his family. It reminds you powerfully of the human tragedy but also cleverly questions the police version of events and lets people think, ‘I need to find out more’.”

Though the project had humble, self-funded beginnings, the script attracted high quality talent in the form of Dominik Rippl the Director of Photography, and Forbes KB (Harry Brown, Game of Thrones) agreed to play Harry Stanley. Once rough-cut stage was reached, backers came out in force, with Molinare (post-production for Moon, the King’s Speech, Man on Wire) agreeing to conform and grade the pictures, and Hackenbacker (audio post-production for In Bruges, Children of Men, Shaun of the Dead) providing sound design, score and mixing under the supervision of Mr Hackenbacker himself, Nigel Heath.

Once completed, the film was premiered at the BAFTA-accredited London Short Film Festival, and went on to win Best Short Film at the Milan International Film Festival and Best British Film at Super Shorts. It was nominated for several other awards and Longlisted for BAFTA Best Short Film.


Notes to editor:

For further information please see the film’s Facebook page

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