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INQUEST shortlisted for Liberty Human Rights Award 2016

18 October 2016

INQUEST has been shortlisted for a Liberty Human Rights ‘Close to Home’ Award, alongside Connor Sparrowhawk’s family (#Justice for Laughing Boy) and Charlotte Haworth Hird from Bindmans Solicitors, in recognition of “their tireless efforts to improve the standard of care provided for people with mental health and learning disabilities”.

INQUEST began working with Connor’s family in the days following his death in July 2013, securing legal representation for the family with INQUEST Lawyers Group member Charlotte Haworth Hird from Bindmans Solicitors. We have worked to raise policy and parliamentary awareness of the issues arising from Connor’s preventable death and the conduct of Southern Health.

Announcement will be made in the evening of 26th Oct 2016.


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